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Site Construction

You may notice some changes to this site and some pages may be missing content. I am currently combining this site with my wayneosguideservice.com site. When finished it will be a simpler and cleaner website. Making it easier for me to keep everyone up to date and provide better content. Thank you for your patients during this time.

The steelhead fishing on the Salmon River has been good. I have open dates in the next two months if anyone is looking to start off 2021 with a fun winter steelhead trip.

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There really isn’t a lot to report other than the fishing is good and getting even better. Everyone is catching fish right now. With a good number of fish left in the hatchery this is going to be an extended season for sure. I believe the colder temperatures have caused the fish to trickle out of the hatchery rather than come in large groups. Add these fish to the fish that spawn in the river and it makes for a great season that will last into mid May for sure.

There are also still fish spawning and fish that haven’t started to spawn yet. This past weekend one of my customers caught a dime bright hen that’s eggs were still tight. Check her out on my Facebook or Instagram page.

The best baits seem to change from day to day but for me it has been beads and egg sacs over anything else. All fished under a float. The plug bite has been inconsistent with some guys getting them on plugs but most not doing any real numbers yet. With this weeks warmer temperatures I expect the plug bite to really turn on if the water temperature goes over 40 degrees.

If you haven’t made it up yet the time is now. I am fully booked with the exception of doing an afternoon trip but I likely can find someone who has an opening if needed.

I will be posting a lot more as we transition into summer. Well at least I think we are going to transition into summer. Either way after this weekend it is on to Walleye and Pike then it will be Brook Trout and Black Bass. I still have some openings for the summer trips. I will be offering float trips on the Tug Hill area streams with my new Smith Fly Raft.

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I am going to start with a disclaimer. Hero Drifter floats are the only custom made floats I have used. I am not comparing them to other custom floats or even plastic floats such as Clear Drift.  I am comparing them to mass produced balsa wood floats.

Hero Drifter floats are hands down the best floats I have ever run. I have now been running them for a couple weeks and they are awesome. Michael Weber makes some sick looking and sweet running floats. The quality is seen immediately when you take them out of the heavy duty shipping container he mails them in.

I ordered a dozen Ninja’s and a half dozen of his Rock star floats with my logo on them.  I am going to very loosely say these compare to the Raven balsa wood floats.  I say loosely because they only compare in size and shape. The quality of the Hero Drifter floats is so much greater that there is no real comparison past that.

The first time I fished them I couldn’t believe how much better they ran.  I had always wondered is it worth spending a little more than double what a mass produced float costs? The answer yes absolutely. Once you fish them you will understand. They run the edges of seems and stick there.  They make it some much easier to get the bait where you want it. If you run a quality pin reel and keep the line of the water you will be amazed at how well they hold the line you want them too. There is nothing worse then having your float move from the line your a trying for right before it gets where it needs to be. You will not have that problem with Hero Drifter floats.

My clients have been loving them and it has actually made my job easier. When the float runs true and stays where it should it is so much easier for people that are just learning to float fish.  Last Saturday I met a couple friends after my trip and let them borrow a Ninja for the afternoon. Both of them sent me a message later that afternoon and had nothing but good things to say. They were shocked how much better they were than the mass produced floats they had been using.  They also both plan on ordering floats in the near future.

If you are ready to step up your float fishing game ditch the Raven’s and order Hero Drifters. You won’t be disappointed. If for some strange reason you are just give me a call and ill buy them from you.




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It is only March 5th and I have already been on Lake Ontario. This is the earliest I have been trolling the lake by about 10 days.  It was a great deal of work to break up the ice at the launch to get the boat in the water. Then we broke through the ice to get to the river and more ice on the river to get to the lake. Even though we only fished for about a hour and a half after it was all worth it when we landed a nice brown trout that weighed in at 10 pounds on the boga grip. The fish was brought home for dinner tomorrow.

Over the next week we are supposed to see some warmer weather which will take care of the ice and should kick the brown trout fishing along the shoreline into full gear.  Today there was very little colored up water due to the lack of run of at the moment. The warmer weather will change that as the remaining snow melts.  I am guessing next weekend will be an excellent time to be on the water.  I will not be on the water Saturday as I will be selling tackle at the Eastern Lake Ontario Salmon and Trout Association flee market at the fire hall in Brewerton.  I am available for a trip on Sunday though.

The tough part of booking a drift boat trip trolling along the lake is it is very wind dependent.  If the wind is blowing hard we can’t fish the lake with a drift boat. However there is always a plan b and c.  We can go to Oswego and troll the harbor or go to the Salmon River or Black River and fish for steelhead.

If you are set on trolling the lake I recommend hiring a charter boat such as Irish Knots Sport fishing or High Adventure Sport fishing.  The benefit of going on a charter boat is that the wind is not as big of a factor. They are able to fish in a fair amount of wind and waves.  The cost will be more but you can also split that cost between 4 to 6 people instead of 2.

Spring brown trout fishing is a trolling trip most of the time. If you are fishing on a charter boat it will definitely be trolling. If you are on a drift boat most of the time we troll but if you wanted to cast that is an option. We could even try fly fishing for them. Trolling will produce the most fish though. I also have two trolling fly rods that can be deployed if you wanted to catch them on the fly.

With warmer weather right around the corner now is the time to think about booking a spring brown trout trip. I will be having my gallbladder removed on the 14th of March so I am not booking any trips until April but I have other guides that I work with that I will gladly set you up with if you wanted to go before April. If you would like to book a charter boat give Chris Yard (Irish Knots Sport Fishing) or Troy Creasy (High Adventure Sport Fishing)  a call and they will set you up for sure.


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Salmon River Warning

This post is not to try to keep people away or scare anyone. I just want to make people aware so maybe we can catch the people doing these things.

Over the past few months there have been numerous crimes committed in the fishing access parking lots. Nothing violent has occurred yet. There have been cars broken into and fishing gear stolen. People have returned to vehicles to find the windshield wipers missing. There have been a few different people’s tires slashed. Then there was an incident Friday night that I became involved with Saturday morning.

At approximately 5:30 pm Friday night my friends had left their drift boat anchored at the Pineville ramp to go get the trailer. Someone pulled up the anchor rope and pushed the boat down the river. When the boat was found the oars were missing and the rods were all tangled with knobs in the boat and the cup holder. We believe people were attempting to steal the gear when it became tangled and send the boat down river so they could get away while the guys were trying to find their boat. The anchor rope was also pulled up so the anchor barely touched the water so we know it didn’t just come lose.

There was a silver/gray beat up Hyundai or simular car leaving the parking lot when they pulled in that night.

I am not telling you not to come fish the Salmon River. I am asking that when you do you are careful and alert. Please don’t leave valuables where they can be seen in your vehicle. Stay alert to your surroundings and if you see something that doesn’t seem right call the police. The State Troopers and the DEC are aware of the problems and patrolling the lots. The Oswego County River Guides Association is looking into what the guides can do to help catch these scumbags. This is not an easy solution as these lots are out of the way but see a lot of traffic. Please help out and pay attention.


Also call the police instead of confronting the person or persons. These scumbags are most likely drug addicts desperate for a fix. Everyone carries a camera or a phone with a camera fishing so get a picture of the license plate and call the authorities.

Now on a good note we did recover the boat and it was only missing the oars. We also managed to hook and lose 4 steelhead during our quick trip down the river. The fishing is still not lights out but it’s definitely getting better.

Tight lines….I hope my next post is better news.

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Does a seasoned trout angler really need to hire a guide – http://wp.me/p5i1tC-tx

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I am please to say that the Redfield kids fishing derby was again a huge success with 51 kids entered. Congratulations to Marry Smith who won the fishing trip with me or $300 cash. I haven’t heard yet which she chose as she wasn’t present the day of the drawing.
I had the pleasure of taking Adam and Matt Trudell with their dad Mark for the Morning. We had some minor set backs in the morning causing us to get on the water about a half hour later than planned. It turned out to be ok though as Adam took first place in his age bracket for biggest fish and Matt took second in his.
We caught a mixed bag of rainbow trout and smallmouth bass.
A big thanks to all the other sponsors especially Bass Pro in Auburn, NY as they made sure every kid that entered left with a new fishing rod. This is a free fishing derby put on every year and is a great event for the kids as no one leaves with out a few things and a full stomach.

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This is a great point. Life is not a dress rehearsal. If you want to do something do it now.

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This is a little video of Craig and I trout fishing in the Tug Hill Region. Fishing was slow that day but the scenery was excellent.

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Here is a small slide show of some of my night Salmon Trips. I have already been getting calls for next season so if this interest you don’t wait long to book. These trips start the last weekend in August and run through the end of September.

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