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The extreme cold weather we have been having has most of the river iced or slushed up. The only section that is fishable is from Altmar to Pineville. The weather is supposed to improve the next two days which should lead to more fishing pressure. However the snow will keep some away.

If you are planning on fishing this weekend I would bring some snowshoes and get away from the parking lots. There is plenty of good water that is not going to be easy to get to. The best way would be by drift boat but if that is not an option snowshoes will get you there. Hiking into the north side of the trestle would be a good bet for sure.

You best bet for baits will be single beads in natural colors or small egg patterns. Egg sacks will also be a good bet in white, pink, or blue. The water has been low and clear. We may get a little run off if temps go above freezing this weekend but it won’t be substantial. Lighter leaders will help also. I would recommend 6 pound fluorocarbon.

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With winter apparently here and possibly here to stay it is time to hang up the stocking foot waders until warmer weather returns.  Two years ago I received a pair of Cabela’s Spring Run Waders for Christmas. It was the only gift I asked for because I was looking for a great pair of winter waders. After 2 years of using them I can say they are hands down the best waders you can buy for winter fishing in upstate New York.

As a guide I find myself often sitting in the drift boat watching my clients fish. This means I am not moving around generating heat and the heater is up front keeping my clients warm as they fish.  Therefore I need a very warm set of waders.

Cabela’s Spring Run waders are 5 mm neoprene and have 1000 grams of thinsulate in the boots. This makes them extremely warm. I fish in January and February with no worries of being cold. With a good pair of wool socks I can stand in the river all day and my feet stay comfortable.

If you like to fish in the winter months for Steelhead and Brown Trout but don’t like getting cold get these waders. You will not be dissappointed.

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