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If you live in or are traveling to western New York to fish this place is a must stop. The owner Danny Colville prides himself in provided the best gear for a good price. I personally haven’t been to the shop however I have made multiple purchases over the phone. The customer service is excellent and Danny is a wealth of knowledge.

I was ordering some things from him while I was in Connecticut and told Danny how I wanted to try fishing out there. Having fished there before he started asking questions. Next thing I knew he was on his computer while still on the phone with me doing some research to help me out. That is when I realized this guy was serious about customer service. His advice led me to catching my first ever stripped bass.

Now for the custom tackle end of his business. I will start with a disclaimer that I do not currently own one of his reels or rods YET. Danny is currently making custom center pin reels that I believe are going to take over the high end reel market. These things are sweet. There was a lot of thought put into the features of his reels. I look forward to fishing one in the near future. His custom rods are some of the sickest looking rods you can buy. There is so much though and care put into the rods when he constructs them. I have talked to a few people that fish them and they absolutely love them.

Colville Outfitters and Custom Tackle is located at 4475 Lakeshore Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075. If you are in the area you should definitely stop in and check it out. You will not be disappointed. If you are in the market for a center pin reel or a custom float rod give them a call. Make sure to like their page on Facebook also.

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Phil has fished with me the past 2 years. The first year was a great trip. We had 2 kings in the boat by 6:30 in the morning and put the 3rd in the boat about 10:30. Last year was not so great. Actually it was horrible. It rained the entire time we were on the river. To make it worse we never landed a fish. We only hooked one fish that turned out to be a very large brown trout that got off just inches from the net.
This year Phil and I debated where to fish when he came up. After looking at our options I told him I felt fishing the evening into the night in the river mouth would be our best bet. Turned out I was right. We started fishing about 4:30 pm and the boat was back on the trailer with a limit of King Salmon in the fish box by 8:30. Phil was obviously a very happy customer. Phil’s fish weighed in at 24,19,and 17 pounds. All very nice Salmon. The only problem he had was that he brought a cooler for Maryland fish to NY. As we say here we measure our fish in pounds not inches.

Phil should've brought a bigger cooler.

Phil should’ve brought a bigger cooler.



Team Pavati. I love this boat and so did Phil.

Team Pavati. I love this boat and so did Phil.

Built in fish box. Team Pavati

Built in fish box.
Team Pavati

24 pounds of King Salmon. Gotta love "the truth" scale. Pavati has it all.

24 pounds of King Salmon. Gotta love “the truth” scale. Pavati has it all.

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That’s right Salmon Season will be here in just a couple weeks. The DSR is reporting a few very early fish spotted in the river. I have not seen any myself or heard of any being hooked yet. This is normal for mid August.

The lake guys continue to catch some very nice fish down on our end of the lake. Which is a very good sign for our upcoming river season. Captain Chris Yard of Irish Knots Sport Fishing had some very trips this past week and weekend. If you are looking for a lake charter I highly recommend Chris. However if you are looking for a trip this year it may be tough to find a date he has left open. Still well worth giving him a call. His info can be found at http://www.irishknotsfishing.com.

If you are looking for a river trip I do have some prime dates still open however they are filling up fast. If you have a date you want call now. If I am not available I have a great network of guides I work with and I will get you on the water. Most people are wondering how this season will be after the tough season we saw last year. I can’t promise anything but judging by the way the lake is fishing I think it is going to be a good year. Last year at this time the lake guys were having a lot of trouble locating fish and that is not the case this year.

Don’t forget if you are looking for lodging contact Tailwater Lodge. It is an upscale fishing lodge located right in Altmar, NY. You will not only be staying the nicest rooms in the area, you will also have access to private river frontage on one of the best holes in the river. They also have an amazing restaurant and bar serving up delicious meals and ice cold drinks. I will include some pictures in this post for those that haven’t seen it. Check out their website at http://www.tailwaterlodge.com Also if you are fishing with me you get a discounted room rate. Just let them know when you book.

Don’t forget call soon if you want a chance to fish out of my brand new Pavati drift boat. They are by far the nicest boat on the market. Check them out at http://www.pavatimarine.com

Tailwater Lodge

Tailwater Lodge




Wader Locker Room

Wader Locker Room

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This year I finally decided to fish the Douglaston Salmon Run in Pulaski, New York for the first time. I had always wondered why people would pay to fish there when there are 13 miles of public water to fish on the Salmon River. Then in the fall of 2012 one of my clients, John, offered to pay for me to fish for the day with him and his friends. After one more on the Douglaston Salmon Run I understood what it was all about.
I stopped by the shack and bought my pass. I then drove to meet John at the Black Hole parking lot. He wanted to park there because it was a shorter walk to the Little Black hole where we planned to start fishing. We then walked down stream and found the spot where we wanted to fish. Now it was time to wait until about 7 when it was legal to fish.
We started fishing around 7 and by 8:30 my arms were sore from fighting big fresh kings. I was amazed at the difference in the fish in the DSR. They are so much stronger then when they get further up the river. They are also much more likely to take a fly as they haven’t been abused by all the snaggers. The attitude of the people on the run is much better then some of those up stream.
The big difference between fishing the DSR and farther up the river is the $45 entry fee keeps out most of the rift raft. The rules on the run and the river walkers that make sure they are followed keep a lot of the snaggers away. As will anything there will always be one or two that try to break the rules but normally the river walkers will take care of the. The other big difference is that the fish are very fresh just out of Lake Ontario and fight like no other.
The rules may change over the next few years and the price will probably go up but as of now this is how it is. There is a $45 fee to fish the run. They only allow 300 people on it per day. All trout and Atlantic Salmon must be released. King and Coho can be kept. Any foul hooked fish must be broke off as soon as it is realized that they are foul hooked. For more information check out http://www.douglastonsalmonrun.com. I recommend buying your pass online to save time in the morning and make sure you get one. If you would like a guided trip on the DSR check out http://www.wayneosguideservice.com. I would be more than happy to guide you.

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